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Episode 13

Power of Referral Partnerships and Business Networking with Matt Alderton

Matt Alderton is an award-winning businessman, entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, a speaker and mentor. 

He was named the business person fo the year and has owned more than a dozen multi award winning 6 and 7 figure businesses across multiple industries, including retail, hospitality, technology, entertainment and education. 

He is a founder of Australia’s largest cloud- based rostering and payroll provider, IWS as well as founder and CEO of Australia’s fastest growing business community, BxNetworking.

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  • (00:02:24) - Matt's beginning - the Video store story
  • (00:06:53) - Video store business
  • (00:13:25) - Business breakdown of a typical cafe / fast food shop
  • (00:15:27) - Power of moving business online
  • (00:19:31) - What is BX Networking and why you should know about it
  • (00:24:07) - Word of mouth and getting people to know, like & trust you
  • (00:25:53) - Who should your ideal referral partner be
  • (00:27:16) - Why a business coach is a great referral partner for any B to B style businesses
  • (00:28:08) - Benefits of having a referral partner relationship in any business
  • (00:30:13) - Business networking as a sustainable business model and great ROI
  • (00:33:12) - What inspired Matt the voice of all small businesses in Australia and lobby to the government
  • (00:37:10) - Importance of choosing the right people to work with. Having the right accountant or a lawyer for the right stage of your business.
  • (00:41:09) - Matt's history of running Subway & Cafe businesses, why it's a very good idea to have a solid business plan in place.
  • (00:47:35) - Having a Vision of an outcome as a way to drive discipline, stay motivated and achieve set goals.
  • (00:52:32) - Power of Re-branding - great way to re-align with business direction and increase your customer base
  • (00:55:55) - What Matt wish he'd known when he started with BX Networking.
  • (00:58:07) - Matt's work / life balance and how does not believe there is a real balance in life.
  • (01:01:37) - How to find out more about Matt & BX Networking
  • (01:02:45) - Intro for next interview - how to become a published author

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